When Muscle Mass Building Will Be Ideal

When Muscle Mass Building Will Be Ideal

by | Jul 18, 2020 | Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition | 0 comments

Is It Time?

A more serious and ideal conversation to have. Since I have little to no experience in bulking the proper way, I do not have much room to talk. But I can at least bring up the window where it will be ideal for you to get started since I have been cutting for two years now and am in the shape of my life. According to my personal trainer, I will likely be set to bulk come this Thanksgiving this year! Very exciting, but this leaves me nervous. Weight gain altogether makes me nervous, but so did going to a natural/clean diet that involved meal prepping so I trust the process. It leaves me nervous because I am unsure if I am ready to put in the time to do it right.

Because that is what it is all about, time. In my opinion, I think the best time to bulk is when you realize you do not have a lot of fat to lose and you have muscle to gain. If you plan on coming to the gym 4 days minimum, that will be ideal for you to get started. You see, I think you should be ready to put your muscles to the challenge since you will be feeding yourself more.

For me, I know the nutrients and supplements I will be consuming will be a great boost for my muscles to be ready for the great test. But if you are going to eat more, you need to exercise more to prevent fat gain. If you are going in a surplus instead of being even or being in a deficit, you need to be doing something or you are going to gain weight in body fat instead of pure muscle.

So, you are going to need to be ready to go to the gym 4 days of week putting your body to the test every week. That includes fasted HIIT sessions as well so you will be no stranger to exercise or the gym, especially in the winter for you northern readers. You will be eating a lot more which involves more meal prepping, dishwashing and cleaning your kitchen. A feat I do not like, but the reward is much greater like the responsibility you have.

In my opinion, if you are in a cut, you should not have to be in the gym working out more days like you would be if you were bulking. The only exception is that if you are a competition-based bodybuilder getting ready for competition. But if you are in a bulk, you should be ready for one thing and one thing only, more time to invest on the enhancement on your body.

So when will Muscle Mass Building be more ideal for you? When you have little fat to lose, more muscle to gain and when you have the time to do it properly. Regardless if you go three days, there will be more workouts to do, so you will be at the gym longer and you will be more tired. Be ready and be vigilant my friends.