Keeping Your Website Healthy & Get Better Results

Keeping Your Website Healthy & Get Better Results

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The biggest thing about having your website rank higher on the search engines goes in many factors. Do you have fast enough speed? Are you following accessibility guidelines? Does your content relate much with your consumers? Do you have trip wire offers or other opportunity for your consumer to purchase either your services or product? A few questions, but many more right afterwards. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a very tricky thing if you want your website to rank higher and have your business get more conversions and sales overall. Site Health is going to be the subject of matter since our team has a hard time finding or getting approached by clients who need their Site Health addressed before other facets of SEO. Other aspects can include Position Tracking, Domain Authority, Brand Monitoring, Social Media, Content Marketing and more. 

Website Health Scores Abroad Are Good For SEO

Site Health is likely (in our opinions), the most important part of SEO. The reason our team thinks that, is because it goes to the core of your website being the base of your digital communications with your customers. You cannot simply just ask for backlinks on a website with poor performance scores, long speeds, and lack of worthy content to show from a domain referrer. You cannot simply add a link on your social media pages with a slow website or a page with little to no content. Your customers will be confused and then you will have many complaints of legitimacy, in which companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft is not going to like. This is especially if you are trying to write an ad. You will either get flagged or get poor ad performance wasting your time and money. 

So, why not address the many problems on what will cause these horrible issues you can face as a business owner or administrator? 


Some Good Places To Get Started On Improving Site Health


Our team uses SEMRush for many reasons. It is fast, concise and will point you in the right place with it’s Site Health Feature. The Site Health feature will display the average site health percentage in your industry and you can even tag along your competitors should you get a membership with SEMRush. You can also get your score to the top 10% of websites like Facebook or Google in which has actually helped our clients get more reliable results and massive sales. 

The entire Site Audit system they have gives you plenty to work with in terms of Errors (Must Fix Now), Warnings (Address ASAP), and Notices (Maybe Implement For Improvements) with lists of each pages with problems listed in either the Errors or Warnings or Notices pages. Each type of problem has a really great guide that allows you to address each problem. Everytime you make major changes to your website that improves your score, you can run the auditor tool they have or have a weekly run displaying what improved in the week. 

We can go over a lot with what SEMRush has to offer, especially improving your website’s overall health. We have noticed that 95% of our customers that improve their score, they get higher rankings on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yahoo Search and get more clicks and conversion rates. 

Listing What SEMRush Site Audit Has To Offer:

  1. Site Health Percentage Rate
  2. Errors Panel With Guides How To Fix Site Health Errors
  3. Warnings Panel With Guides How To Fix Site Health Warnings
  4. Notices Panel With Guides How To Fix Site Health Notices (Improvement Suggestions)
  5. Website Crawlability Rate
  6. HTTPS Connection Rate
  7. International SEO Rate
  8. Core Web Vitals (New and HOT Topic) 
  9. Site Performance Rate
  10. Internal Linking Rate
  11. Markup Rate
  12. An Area With Top Issues Of Your Website TO Address
  13. Display Of Crawled Pages
  14. Statistics Panel
  15. Comparison Panel To Display Improvements / Issues
  16. Progress Chart With Many Options
  17. PDF and Multiple Export Options 
  18. A Help Center With Many Guides
  19. Better Results For Our Customers (See Why) 
  20. An Amazing Team To Work With

It goes without saying, we do recommend SEMRush as a top candidate in improving your website’s health. The software has so much to offer for you and your team to make a great impact on your website’s performance and their Site Health panel is just one of MANY things you can do to address overall SEO on your website. Visit SEMRush today or have our team discuss your website health. 



We use SEOptimer to get more options for the main website core health. SEOptimer also has a lot to offer. This site auditor gives you good pointers on On-Page SEO, Links, Usability, Performance and Social Media fundamentals. We also check performance issues and look at what technological improvements can be made to the website. SEOptimer is yet another great option for your website’s site health and you can get a free audit today.


Neil Patel Ubersuggest 

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is another great tool to analyze your website’s performance. We use it for the content marketing suggestion and judging for our websites. But it has some of the same fundamentals as SEMRush. One thing that we have noticed is that it offers more suggestion in specifics and even provides more concise hints in comparison to that of SEMRush. 


Neil Patel’s team also is an amazing team that gives you many opportunities to improve your traffic, conversion rates and opportunities to make sales. They have plenty of suggestions like SEMRush that goes into many different aspects like Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. We like using Ubersuggest as well. Give it a try.


Google Litehouse

Another great way to gage your website’s health is use Google’s developer tools hitting right click on an element (desktop only) and hit inspect, go to Litehouse and run an audit for either the Mobile / Desktop versions of your website. This comes with many good answers as to why you are having issues.

However, you are really going to need a technical background to give this thing a try. You may need to contact your web designer or developer in order to look into each issue to tackle here. 

You Can Check Many Things Such As:

  1. Performance (Speed, Layout Etc)
  2. SEO Recommendations 
  3. Web Accessibility (Very Big Importance)
  4. Best Practices On A Technical Manner
  5. Progressive Web App

This usage can really help you go a long ways, especially on the Web Accessibility panel which I am not seeing being used often by other site auditing software as of date. Web Accessibility is very important to us and it should be important to you as well. Run a Litehouse Audit today.


GTMetrix / Pingdom Page Speeds / Google PageSpeed Insights 

Speed is massively important to your website. If your website is slower than 2 seconds chances are that your customer is going to go somewhere else where they can shop conveniently. Speeds is one major component to your websites’ successes. We use GTMetrix, Pingdom Page Speeds and Google PageSpeed Insights to gage our website’s page speeds. This way, we absolutely are sure our clients are getting the fastest and most convenient website possible. 


How Our Team Gages Our Client’s Website’s Health

Our team at Website Design Solutions Pro has a unique, but straightforward approach as to gaging on a website’s overall health. We have our own report card that we have for our clients that we provide on a monthly basis with a report to see where things are at with their overall website health and to also see if they of course need to add or update anything with the website. We look at all of the above site auditing software and have our own percentage system based on importance and relevancy, and provide our reason behind the ranking. 


Following the initial presentation, we discuss what is going to be addressed in the following month or look into the next facets of SEO such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing depending on the package our client has with us. If we have hit the pinnacle high scores across our Report Card, we will continue at our utmost diligence to keep the score high as possible as changes always happen in the expectations of a good performing website. 

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