Website Launch: Cheri Polk

Website Launch: Cheri Polk

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Client Features, Website Launches, Work | 0 comments

A Website Complimenting Incredible Art

It is with great excitement to announce the website launch for the Award-Winning Artist Cheri Polk out of Cleveland, Ohio! 

Cheri Polk is an Award-Winning Artist located in Cleveland, Ohio. She has done outstanding work in Graphic Design, Illustration, Children’s Books and much more. She also works with Mary Averill who is a great friend and mentor of mine that owns Averill & Associates over in Strongsville. Mary had told me that Cheri had needed a website and I had reached out to her and we got the immediate start.

The best part of working with an Award Winning Artist is the wonderful part of not having to worry about scratching up a design as Cheri already had an idea of what she wanted. Also looking at the incredible work she has put together throughout the years has been a wonderful journey for me as I was building out the pages for her extensive portfolio. We got the layout decided and I got right to work.

In no time, the site’s base was built, but the challenge was mostly on Cheri’s end for getting all of the images over to me, sending descriptions of each item and order the Portfolio needs to be in. I got that all sorted out in no time as well. Every item and every page has meta data attached with her description and surprisingly, the pages all score pretty well with Yoast SEO with WordPress.

The layout is simple, but the many things we want to accomplish was the challenge, it was a site we wanted to expand on top of a simple layout that was proposed in the beginning. Thanks to Cheri’s experience, I did not have to go to the scratch board for a site mockup for her so we got started right away. We added a very engaging and story-telling portfolio for the many pieces of work she had put together for many years being in business. Cheri always has the ability to update her portfolio and enhance her total seo at total leverage and scale.

We also added a blog to generate more content out of the site and get more of a following behind her work out there. We added social media to the site and more functionality like a navigation in her portfolio and much more coming even soon post-launch. As a freelance developer with a design mind, this was a very fun site to work on and the passion poured into the site has been exciting.

Visit Cheri’s site today and get your commissions and art today!