Staying Strong During Hard Times

Staying Strong During Hard Times

by | Jun 14, 2020 | Client Features, Work | 0 comments

Keeping Strong 

This one really goes out to the clients hurt by recent challenges we are facing. But I want to shout out to everyone that is not only doing their part to create a safe environment to continue doing business, but also traversing during these challenging times. I know it has been hard, it has been hard for me too. I had to cut some budgets out because I can’t just accept payments from customer who had to shut their doors completely, it just is not ethical and fair to do so. I had some hard times, but was blessed the opportunity doing what I do.

If what I thought what I was going through was a hardship, I can only imagine what some of my own customers were going through and many other businesses. I mean, it’s a livelihood, but also a responsibility when you have staff. You need a safe environment put together so they can get back to working, but also a paycheck for them. It hard and emotional and hard-hitting to home life of the business owner.

For this post, I just want to thank everyone, and I mean everyone who is going through this together and doing the right things to keep us running business and also keeping people and loved ones safe. Everytime I have a conversation with a customer about what is going on, it is scary, but good. Its nice to see everyone confident and ready to accept responsibility and the challenge going forward. This is a shoutout to all of you who is making it happen! Great job and keep working hard!

For the business owner, Im right there with you and I am hopeful that we can all get through this and continue to make the money we need to keep our businesses open and people employed. This is hard and some of you had to make some big decisions, my head is with you on that and my heart is with you. Keep your head high and we will make it to the light at the end of the tunnel eventually by remaining positive, accepting challenge and responsibility and staying vigilant for what is coming ahead for us.