SEO VS Functionality

SEO VS Functionality

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Business, Technology | 0 comments

A Miscommunication That Can Break More Than A Website

Okay so this one is really going to drive SEO people nuts, including myself since I provide SEO services. However, there seems to be a miscommunication between functionality and good rankings. In other words, your website is not broken if it is not ranking the way you want it to. It is your content, your social media game, your ads game and what meta data you have in the website. But that does not mean your website is broken. A broken website returns a Fatal Error in the associated server-side or client-side scripting that is written within the site and we need to cycle back on the original importance of keeping the programming behind the website up to data at all times! Drives programmers nuts when they get a call saying the website is broken when it is up and working fine front and back end wise.

A good SEO site will have proper content written organically, have fast speeds, great keywords integrated and a fully integrated marketing system that enhances on all cylinders outside and inside the website. Your website is not broken if it is running fine and is not returning errors and is on the latest version of software. A website is also never perfect as well. The reason I provide All-In-One service that lasts for as long as you need the service and why some clients are ranking well is because I am always on top of updates programmatically and design wise.

If a client is on a SEO retainer, I make sure the best organic content is integrated and the right keyphrases are used. Your site could rank well and it could not, but it will never be perfect and there will always need to be work done on it. I always have to differentiate programmatic fixes and patches to a customer and although it stinks as it is overlooked, it has to be because it should be a standard that all websites are programmatically at best practice and ready for all new versions coming out.

But if you are not getting customers with a good SEO Scored website with decent and consistent climbing rankings, then you will need to look into how you do your sales and talk to the marketing company about what can be done instead of pointing fingers. I think marketing companies really get the short end of the stick when things go wrong and most of the times, solutions are already brought to the table when fingers are pointed.

I think the biggest importance here is to understand functionality is just as importance as your search rankings and we all need to listen up when a Software Update is done and when overall programming has been updated. But, we should continue to think of it always as a standard. It is a part of SEO in fact as well. So when an update is there, let it be known that there was at least a little bit of effort there. For SEO, it is equally important as well so, SEO people, know that I am on board with you too. But we cannot forget the importance of functionality and staying up to date on a programmatic point of view.