RePost: Kirtland City Tavern Launch

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Having A Lot of Fun

I was approached by a good friend of mine through the recommendation of my best friend to contact the Tavern as they were having some issues with their current site. I got really excited to hear that I would be able to help the Kirtland City Tavern in one way as it is one of the vital pieces of the Kirtland Community. A lot of my friends worked there over time and my grandfather when he was still alive loved going there with my grandmother. The food is also really good as well, they do have Award Winning Burgers there so that should speak for itself.

After looking into the website, there was no way the older one was going to come back up. Using the Wayback Machine also told me that even a restore of that site will still keep lingering problems for the Tavern’s Online Presence. I met the owners of the restaurant and proposed a redesign to keep up with the current design trend. Only I wanted to go in a different direction. I wanted to dig in and go in a different route than other trends of Restaurant Website Design and I wanted to go on a full on custom layout that complimented the many years of service and accolades the restaurant has seen the past couple of decades. 

Once I gave them design mockup proposal, it was immediately approved and I got right to work. The biggest challenge during development was that the original menu I put together was just not adding up to me. The site I had made made you feel like you were at the tavern in a way and that was my goal, so I took it up a notch on the Menu’s Design and revamped the look of their actual menu in the restaurant and I put it together with Responsive Web Design practices in place. Once it was done, it was highly appraised, but needed updating one last time as they updated their menu just before the website launch.  The build was done in WordPress and was built in no time! 

The website launched without a hitch! I trained the staff on how to use the website and continue to do work with them on improving the website and updating the behind the scenes programming and server-side settings. In an impressive standard, the website is still loading under a second without me having to touch that much of optimization the past couple of months. Kirtland City Tavern is live and you can view them at anytime. Also, pay them a visit during this time as the 2020 Pub Crawl starts at Kirtland City Tavern on February 9th 2020! 

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