My Favorite Cheat Meals

My Favorite Cheat Meals

by | May 30, 2020 | Nutrition | 0 comments

Cheats That Are Worth It!

When I was thinking of some cool topics to write about with nutrition and fitness, I thought about this amazing topic and felt absolutely indulged to talk about this topic. This will be a fun post, but grueling post to write because I can guarantee you that after I finish writing this, I will likely be hungry. But cheat meals! The perfect haven of that one day where you can get that splurge and reward for the diet you are on six days a week.

I used to be on the “Eat whatever you want as long as it fits your macros” diet and it just did not work out for me when I needed to move from strictly fat loss to moderate fat loss and slight muscle gain. I am blessed to be involved with amazing people who point me in the right direction on my diet and lifestyle. I switched my diet up in November of last year, lost 45 pounds of strict fat and even gained strength and muscle over time. It involved meal prep and a cleaner diet and supplements that helped point my body in the right direction. You see, sometimes you actually gotta move into the right way to comp your body into the shape you want it to be in.

It was hard for me at first, but I got through it and it made me appreciate the many good foods out there a lot more. We are so privileged in this country and in this world to have so much options of what we can eat. So blessed that it is much harder to turn down foods even around family and friends and following a regiment that most people would believe a hard thing to do, but it isn’t really if it is enjoyable. But like I was saying, it made me appreciate these cheat meals that I get. In fact, I now can have a cheat snack on Tuesdays to get an extra splurge and I am still losing weight.

Let’s Talk About My Favorite Cheat Meals:

#1: Chipotle: On my old diet, I used to have this all of the time! Now I can get those extra things I normally would not get like wrapping it in a quesarito and not feeling bad about it after wards since Im killin’ it with my diet. Plain white rice, fajitas, quintuple Steak/Chicken/Carne Asada’, 3X Cheese and a bag of chips and guac to top it off! Chipotle has never let me down, except for when people in line go on about “oh my god he’s really gonna eat that?!” and I usually smile and nod my head with pride. Judge me all you want, but its delicious. Now I’m already getting hungry!


#2. Pickle Bills: This wonderful restaurant down in Grand River, Ohio has unlimited Alaskan Snow Crab Legs for the price of a new video game! Its delicious and I probably go through 12 rounds of crab legs before I tap out and get ice cream as a desert right afterwards on the norm in the summertime and a small snack afterwards during the winter time. I usually get fries as a side, because CHEAT MEAL that is why! Sometimes I’ll add on 10 bucks to get a secondary item like Shrimp/Walleye/Prime Rib to add to the stash of tasty items.

#3. Pizza / Wings: I do not know what it was about this year about Pizza, but I have been just looking around the best areas in Cleveland to have Pizza and have made it an expedition since I was watching Tiger King and eating Pizza from Best Pizza in Willoughby on an Uber Eats order during the shut down. The Pizza, Wings and Cheesestick combo has made my fiancé and I on a satisfying Saturday of eating. Delicious!

#4. The Cheesecake Factory: I only went one time, but man was I so happy afterwards. I actually got what I would normally eat (Steak, Potato and Asparagus) but that Oreo Cheesecake was to die for! I never liked cheesecake, but after having that Oreo Cheesecake and having the food there, you bet I will be back!

#5. Game Night at My Friends: This comes with home cooked cheats which you can never go wrong with! Sometimes it’s the Pizza and Wing combo or it is just a nice cooked meal that tastes delicious and you know I wont feel as bad eating! Craving this pulled pork sandwich I had on the 4th of July still.

Well there you have it! Some of many cheat meal favorites I love to have! What are your favorite cheats?