IronHead Records Launch

IronHead Records Launch

by | Jun 7, 2020 | Client Features, Website Launches, Work | 0 comments

Record Label Web Design

It is with great privilege and excitement to announce the launch of the IronHead Records website. The website is already ranking well with record companies and studios in Fremont, Ohio. This record label fronted by very talented engineers has very big potential to be something huge for a growing area in Northwestern Ohio. My good friend Brandon Bilek met with me a few months back about starting a business and I could not have been more excited for him. I did what I could to help him along the way and I continue to try to help them grow on my All-In-One Business Plan.

This layout is different and key features on the website gives the team more opportunity to rank well on search engines. Also gather more interest with mind-popping sections that includes music players, artist features. Their own customized artist portal where the label can communicate with their artists online. And finally, a nice website that is fun to navigate with engaging content and exciting futures.

There was not entirely any challenge in this project, just fun and helping out Brandon with the content on the website! Brandon has the ability to blog for the company online. Stay tuned as he writes absolutely exciting and engaging content!

I have gladly partnered with the team at IronHead to make websites for their artists should they hop on the label and they have me do the artist’s website marketing. You should definitely check this amazing outfit out!

This site was designed and developed by me and the team at IronHead came up with the content! An outstanding project to be apart of! Freelancing and doing business with website design and development and SEO does come with its nice perks.