Repost: Coach Devin Hazen Website Launch

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Premium Real Estate & Business Coaching

In the afternoon of September 16, 2019, I wrapped up last minute changes and with Coach Devin Hazen, we both announced the website’s launch. It all really started when Devin approached me with a need for help on getting a website up for his Real Estate & Business Coaching Services. His target is mostly realtors, but Devin also helps other business owners, myself included. Devin also helps out other business owners in the area with networking and recommendations. To start, we met in June 2019 and discussed a clean, but fun layout to deliver the strength of his messages to the many realtors and business owners out there looking for the right direction on growing their business. After our first meeting, I took some time to think of some layouts that would really breakout his stance between him and his competitors. 

In August, I was ready to present the website design and even the build for him as I knocked out both in one stone with a fresh attempt at a different process of my builds. The layout features a Slider on the Home Page and a Big Header Image for the titling area of the Support Pages, Split Content Areas, Instagram Feeds, Blog Feeds, Event Feeds and clean animations to deliver the strong message I mentioned before. This is all with sticking to the sizing and best performance on all devices and browsers. 

Collaboration & Launch

We met and we went over everything that needed to be changed. We got setup with Managed WordPress Hosting with GoDaddy and got everything passed over in the new server. What has impressed me the most in this project is that once we got everything ready for revision, Devin wanted to go in on the helm and edit content himself. I gave Devin details on how to edit the content himself and instruction to navigate with WordPress. Devin also collaborated with me with connected his Instagram Account with me for his Instagram Feed.  Devin was fast and also very thoughtful with his Blog Posts and Content Revisions showing me the same passion I had while building the same page. This level of collaboration is a freelancers dream (sometimes can be a nightmare, but not in my case.) We quickly finished revisions and content integration and after the successful launch, Devin now has the ability to Promote his Coaching Services and heartfelt content online with his brand new website. 

Although this launch was about a little over a week ago, I am still very excited to talk about the public and successful launch of Coach Devin Hazen’s Real Estate & Business Coaching Business online with WordPress and the simplicity of editing content. Devin is also with my Website Maintenance & Growth Plans that also covers Marketing Strategy, Security, Maintenance and Minor Tweaks and Updates.