Blue Label Roofing Launch

Blue Label Roofing Launch

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Client Features | 0 comments

Celebrating a Successful Launch

Through a client referral, I had the privilege to work for Blue Label Roofing for website design and development. I started this project with the team in June of 2020 and after a couple of months of customized development in the project, we are now celebrating a great looking and efficient roofing website. 

This time around, I actually switched hosting servers to expand usage and see what would work better for my clients, this being said, I was very satisfied with WP Engine’s power enhancing speeds on the server side. This way, I was able to make a very nice looking website, but also one that works and is perfectly efficient for the owner and the customer. 

I did this custom roofing web design based on coverage on the current trends and I saw a few things I wanted to tackle with this site. Rest assured, it went really well and the client is now getting customers every day on the site. Check out the Blue Label Roofing website today!