Unreal Engine 4 Building Escape Project

PBasic Game, Don’t Make Fun of Me

Well, we all gotta start somewhere, so about a year ago, I started broadcasting game learning for myself. I learned more of the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 and C++ making a custom game escaping a building. It actually is listed as a basic game to get started as you learn Unreal Engine 4. It is a game that you will make that you will learn how to work with level design, movement, physics, custom programming and building Unreal Games. Since I know more advanced programming in C++, I just wanted to learn more of the level design side of this game. This project was built about a year ago, haven’t entirely touched the game, but just displaying design basics.

The Goal

Just make a building, placing a trigger volume in which the default pawn can drop an object on the trigger that will open the door for the default pawn to escape. You also will need a specified weight to drop on the trigger volume area for the door to open. I thought a cool idea was to create a fire animation or delusion animation in there that would destroy the object and you will be In a timer for you to escape the building. You would need more weight so you get more time obviously. I also thought of a cool detonation animation that would take the default pawn out in 30 seconds if you do not escape the building fast enough. Many ideas I may add on later, but Im already working on other projects, so no for now!

To Conclude

You can clone my project on Github and start it on Unreal Engine 4.22 to get started and to modify yourself.


Check it Out

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