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Northeast Ohio’s Premium Staffing Agency

Ultra Personnel is a recently started up temporary and temp-to-hire staffing agency located in Mentor, Ohio. A family run operation in Mentor, they provide quality jobs for those in need in the Greater Cleveland area and help companies find potential full-time employees for a career. Their process and approach to hiring is unlike I have ever seen. They are unique and work hard to ensure companies find the right fit. They have also a great track record of continual staff of their own that they place at different places.

The Goal

Starting Up

I met the owners in late 2019 to discuss a new website and they were in need of something fresh and unique like their approach to get people to work. We need something that is going to climb the search engines and something that makes the application process easier.  The goal here is to make an outstanding looking website that gets the job done for the company.

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The Action Taken

For this site, we had to start over with the fresh tracks of branding. We had to design a logo that really sends a message, a color scheme that stands out and a font that makes the words catchy. We did just that starting with the logo with a nice color scheme behind it with teal and dark blue colors in a nice gradient. The UP sign in the logo stands for the initials of the business and also have the meaning that your path will go UP when you get a job with Ultra Personnel. The client was very smart with this way of thinking! I got right to work on researching the industry in town and found that these companies are not doing anything modern with the exception of only one, but they are not ranking well. I needed something with a lot of content.


We got a design made and the build took no longer than a couple weeks. The site came out with the strong color scheme and animations with shapes that makes it fun but also professional. That was our goal! We got an online application going, an Indeed Job Feed and a Custom Job Feed with Individual Job Posting Landing Pages with Schema data that connects with Google Jobs for higher ranking purposes. 

To Conclude

The website not only launched with a high success rates with visits and interactivity, but the client got more customers on their end and they have been on a roll ever since. The exciting part of this is to see how well the office, their marketing scheme I am collaborating with and just the little things all connect with this website I made. A nice job done and I still continue to work on the site for improvements, feature additions and maintenance. 

A Fresh Look For a Staffing Agency

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