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Restaurant Located Right at Home

Kirtland City Tavern is a restaurant with a bar located in my hometown of Kirtland, Ohio and has been around for over two decades. Owned and Operated by Mike Hutter from Willoughby,  the restaurant is well known for their award-winning burgers, delicious choices off of their menu, good drinks, times and of course, their volleyball tournaments. With a nice restaurant interior with a full bar inside, there is an outside patio and a nice lot to bring in a lot of hungry customers from town or just outside of town. They are very close to home and even have art showcasing spirit towards the local school’s colors and sports team just up the street. The restaurant always has something going on with not just their volleyball tournaments, but their specials and good deals for food and drink! 

The Goal

A Website Restoration From Scratch

I met Tim and Mike coming from a recommendation by a good friend of mine. The issue was clear, their website was down and there was no way for them to not only display their menu and weekly specials, but also have a business online! This is an absolute must for businesses. They did not care about it being a one-page website, just to display on phones and able to view the menu.

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The Action Taken

I immediately pitched a new website with a top-notch design, complimentary to all devices and easy to use, user and administrator side. All with a flexible budget and payment plans! With the approval, I approached with three designs and we decided factors between the three that led to the final product on what you see when you visit the website. The build was done using WordPress and finished in minimal and affordable timing. I also set them up using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting in which has maintained the site’s speed at a good rate with not just my optimization and constant maintenance, but the strength and power of the server. Launch was commenced in late-July 2019. 

To Conclude

As a person who looks into nutrition a lot, this place delivers good food rather you are or are not on a diet plan. With me doing refeeds on my diet, this is the place to go for me on some of those days where I can really enjoy their food. I can attest to the good food here, but also the amazing spirits that follow. The staff works hard to make the atmosphere welcoming, relaxing and fun. The site successfully launched in late July 2019 and for a local joint, they are booting about 30-50 views a day with a low bounce rate away from the website. Every time I am visiting, they are busier than the last time I was there. The biggest challenge from this project was just timing and working around schedules to make it happen!

The client also is on my Website Maintenance and Growth plans where I maintain the well being of the website, expand the website’s capabilities, provide hosting and much more based on request. The client’s website speeds is also loading consistently less than 1.5 seconds and at most times after first load, just under under a second! 


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