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Kickstart Record Label in Fremont, Ohio

IronHead Records is a record company located in Fremont, Ohio just outside of Sandusky near Cedar Point. This record company is a startup with three outstanding engineers and owners looking to kickstart many artists in the area. The company offers music for all types of music from Country, Hip-Hop, Rock and Metal Music and more. With a fresh and modern approach to helping Artists and one of the owners being a dear, friend, I could not help to jump in and help them get started.

The Goal

Definitive Design and Features for the Music Business

The goal was to get a fresh design with many features and opportunities for artists being promoted in the area and all around. We needed a site that also would respond well with the search engine based on the industry in the area. The challenge we faced here was the amount of content that needed to be written in order for the site to have a chance. The same way I edged the tattoo industry in the area with a heavier content strategy.

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The Action Taken

To make the site more fun to navigate and float, I created an edgy theme in the layout of the website. So when I presented to the team, they immediately fell in love as it fell into place with their overall branding concepts that they made before me. I try to marry the clients ideas as close as possible when it comes to branding and overall layouts. It included a playlist opportunity in the future, current music, video and event listing when the studio grows. For now, it is pretty static, but content heavy that combats the competition in the area. A nice layout with a decent flow of animation generation as you navigate lower in the page. I integrated a blogging system and layouts in the site so the client can easily blog in the future post launch. I created an Artist Portal for current Artists to login to their own page and request specific things for the studio as well.

To Conclude

The launch went without a hitch and we are already ranking pretty well on the search engine. I for one was pretty excited with the launch and for the team as the team has opportunities to not just promote themselves and their artists, but use the website to communicate with their customers, the artists themselves. 

With the site being simple, it is my debut in the music scene with website design and I am proud to say that I am partnering with the studio to do web design for their artists with my All-In-One Service as an extension to their needs. I am very excited to do more templates given my former connection to the scene in the area. The customer has the opportunity to blog and expand and Brandon from the team is taking full advantage of that.

Professional Recording Studio

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