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Experienced Hairdressers in Chesterland, Ohio

Connie’s Hair Design has an absolutely respected reputation and a continued rate of clientele at a consistent rate for many years. Located in Chesterland, Ohio, Connie Price has the best hairstylists in the area. 

The Goal

Beauty on the Web

Sherry Craig, runs the administration of the business and approached me for a website for Connie’s Hair Design. With me being related, I could not say no. Plus, they had a recent makeover, so I could not resist to get a nice looking site for them. This site would give them ability to get more appointments and have a view on the web.

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The Action Taken

After meeting, I immediately created four concepts for the site and with us picking one after a couple week of thinking, I got right to work. Using WordPress, I created an environment that even the staff could even go in and add and edit content effortlessly. The website launched back in 2017 and has gotten more traffic and business over time.  

To Conclude

With this being a family project, I made sure to ensure the best quality as family is always one half of the best references you can get as a freelancer. This being said, launch was successful and well received. The team at Connie’s Hair Design got a little bit busier than normal since the site launched. 

Connie’s Hair Design also works with me every month for expansion as they are on my Website Maintenance and Growth Plans that offer Marketing Plans, SEO, Troubleshooting and Common Maintenance practices.

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