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Award Winning Designer  

Cheri Polk is an accomplished Artist, Illustrator and Designer located over in Cleveland, Ohio. She has won awards for her work in art. She works on Illustrating Children’s Books, Art Pieces, Logos, Digital Art and more for local businesses across the nation. I was absolutely excited to work with her. 

The Goal

Getting Things Right

After we met, we wanted to get a website that will strongly display her portfolio, make it easier to navigate and fit on all devices. A website that will help her in the long run and build her overall presence on the web. 

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The Action Taken

I got right to work to converting the design she wanted in WordPress with a responsive and quick mindset. I got her a website that strongly displays her Portfolio, has viewers learn more about her, best SEO Practice a Blog functionality and easy Portfolio navigation. The key was speed and the challenge here was to have lower compressed file sizing so the website loads quickly and efficiently. The other challenge was ensuring less HTTP request was made on page so I actually had to remove some features on specific pages so things remained quick! I also made it so you cannot steal her images on the website with a no right click feature for security and image protection purposes.


Since Cheri gave me a simple template, I wanted to see if I could expand that template to do the same action as some of my other recently launched sites have been doing. We really needed to emphasize content and that was the challenge amongst this build. With it being a simple WordPress Website, we could have a lot more action on the table. I built her entire portfolio, with the opportunity to navigate through each item from start to finish. I got her a blog setup as well where she can talk more about what she is doing and commissions she works on. We went through some rounds perking some things up and optimizing images as much as possible before it was decided to push the website to a live state.

To Conclude

I was very excited to start this website and I am excited to continue supporting Cheri on her future endeavors with her new website! After free training, Cheri now can promote her website, blog on it, add Portfolio Items and ascend on her web presence!

Since the domain was hosted elsewhere, I had to wait awhile to launch the website. Once I set everything up, there were little to no changes. The exciting part is there was a very well thought of reception on all parties. The biggest challenges on this project was making it right, generating content and optimizing images as much as possible to have good variations of art on the site, but with the understanding that site speed is just as important on how the art looks on the website.

What are you waiting for? Check out this beautiful website with many wonderful art posted on all pages. I am very excited to help out Cheri as her business expands online.

Award Winning Art

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