Why SSL Certifications Are Important

Why SSL Certifications Are Important

by | May 18, 2020 | Business, Technology | 0 comments

Protecting Your Users & Customers

So, not a lot of people know this, but back a few years ago, Google has made a standard that they will index websites with HTTPS/SSL encryption higher because of Security for users. Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines will index specific websites higher because they are fast, convenient, get to the point, is creative and secure.  They are going to pull up relevancy, following and much more. But right now, getting to this point, in my opinion, Google and other search engines made the right move in making stricter provisions for making websites by having to have an SSL Certification tagging your website as secure for the users. 

Why? It is simple. SSL Certifications protect information sent from the personal device the user is sending to the server of the website. So if you have sensitive information like card numbers, social security, passwords or even sensitive personal information in your device, SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protects that data. SSL Certifications encrypts all data shaking hands with the website’s server. 

To explain on Earth terms, you load a website, your device is basically performing a handshake or forming a connection to the server the website you are looking up and sharing information so the server can render on your browser on any device. This being said, cookies are being tracked and information you are providing the server can be visible for hackers to grab like candy and use for malicious reasons. SSL Certifications basically render your data that your device is sending obsolete and invisible. This way, hackers cannot get your personal information. They will not be able to see that information and they will likely rain on the owner of a non-secure websites’ parade.

Have you shopped online with a website that said it was not secure? Well, your information like credit cards you submitted to the website’s database and cookies being tracked makes yourself more accessible to being compromised times infinity. This is not good and because of the SSL failure, you could lose a lot of things in a blink of an eye. 

This is why search engines have made it a universal importance for higher indexing and ranking online for your business because Google and other search engines wants to protect their users. So if you do not have an SSL Certification, kiss your search rankings goodbye until you secure your site for your users. Especially if you are an e-commerce site. In fact, Firefox and Microsoft Edge and other specific browsers will not allow you on specific sites if it has E-commerce like setups because a lack of SSL Validation. They will render your website non-secure on a blank page and recommend the user, your potential customer to go elsewhere.

Also, if you do not have a Privacy Policy written giving your users knowledge with a policy that legally protects you from any legal ramifications if someone gets hacked, you could deal with legal issues. If someone gets attacked and its found the hacker got access through your website and you did not let the user know, they could potentially sue you for a huge income package for them.

So now not only you are being punished by search engines by indexing you lower, but now they are recommending customers to go to your competitors!!!! You also could be sued and forced to close your doors because of lack of business or losing assets and money because of lawsuits. 

Okay, How Do I Set It Up?!

Alright, now that I have made some out of many valuable points about SSL Certifications, I can go about setting it up which can be a simple or complex process on setting up. First things first, you need to purchase an SSL Certification. I recommend purchasing one from the same hosting and domain registration company you have. They are not cheap either, so shop wisely.

The next step is going to your SSL and DNS and to connect and also connect it within your website, verifying the certification. If you are using servers on Host Gator, GoDaddy, they usually have automated processes that would not require you to do much work if you are on their managed servers. If you are on WordPress and are on a single managed server that does not do automated SSL Connection to your website, you can use the Really Simple SSL Plugin which is free for WordPress users. 

If you are using Managed WordPress, usually hosting companies provide free SSL Certs upon purchase. Pay close attention to that and make sure you have an SSL Certification when you get started. They also have an automated process where you can connect your certification within the click of a few buttons on a front end user interface where no programming or extensive technical knowledge is needed. 

If you are using something like Wix or SquareSpace, then you can connect within their own front-end User Interface in the backend of the site with no code knowledge. If you are a Shopify Website Owner, you can just sip your coffee or tea and relax as Shopify includes SSL Certifications in the server you pay for monthly. For custom websites, you will  need to contact a developer to help you set this up. 

The big thing here is that it is now highly important to have an SSL Certification setup in your website or you are going to lose business online. I for one now have it standard from September 2019 on forward, my clients have automatic SSL Certifications on their website if they are on my All-In-One system plans. If you’re interested in that, we also can have a quick conversation in securing your website for your users. 

Provided below is an extensive and great post by Host Gator on what an SSL Certification is, how it protects your users, you and your rankings and how to set it up.