Website Launch: Ultra Personnel

Website Launch: Ultra Personnel

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Client Features, Website Launches, Work | 0 comments

A Fun Project for A Great Staffing Firm

I met owner, Kevin Farina awhile back last year through networking and he came to me for the need of a website for a startup Staffing Company in Mentor, Ohio. Ultra Personnel is a full service staffing agency located in Mentor, Ohio that does business in providing jobs either temporary or temp-to-hire in Northeast Ohio. With this being a startup, there were going to be several obstacles to get to succeeding. Therefore, I started a careful process that now ties into all of my projects. Before we could start the process, we all came up with a color scheme, a logo and font set that would compliment the overall branding. 

Once we got that completed, I jumped right into researching the entire region of Northeast Ohio staffing firms on their website designs, features and much more behind the scenes technical things that go usually left unsaid. I provided Kevin and Vice President, Brian Lubinsky a detailed report of my findings of their competitors, how their sites look and how we can create something that would edge the competition. We needed something unique, modern and content heavy so the search engines can pick up a nice looking website over time. We also needed at least something and somewhere where people can apply online to jobs. 

The Design phase was not as beautiful as most other sites I have worked on in the past. This phase involved me up late at night and also replacing several mockups that even looked alright because we needed something that was going to standout. I did hours of research and looking into the best overall solution and look for the website. I, in fact had just decided it was done just days before the due date of a mockup. It took me longer than normal, because the logo, concept of branding, message and colors challenged me to ascend on my skill of designing. 

Once I had presented a design over to the team, they immediately liked it and we were good to build. Once I got the OK to build, I had spent about a week putting things together and getting something up to present to the team. The team had closely collaborated with me setting up all of the new content for the website as we had added pages and made major additions to the length of content per page. Once the content was finished, we did a final review of changes that did not take me even 15 minutes to swap around. 

We launched with little to no changes and we are operating on my All-In-One System that continues updates every week for the client. We have also launched successfully as the client has been doing a tremendous job closing sales and getting people to work. Im passionate about people getting a chance to better themselves and I always believe honest and great people and businesses will lead you in the right direction. Ultra Personnel gives many people a chance to learn skills and work at many different positions that can lead to a career.