Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Business, Technology | 0 comments

Unreal Engine 5!!

This honestly came unexpected for me in the development field, but Unreal Engine 5 is upon us! This is not a drill! And let me begin by telling you how amazing it looks! When the trailer dropped, so did my mouth. When I saw the technical specifications for Unreal Engine 5 and the trailer itself displaying its capabilities, I got so excited. I am so happy to be writing about this with the new generation of console gaming upon us.

There is so much more that game developers can do now with Unreal Engine 5. More so on the design side as I did not really see a lot about scripting / programming specifications. As always, its about the excitement for the designers in which I have no hate for it, but will things change for the programming? Will it be more Blueprint based? Will it have more capabilities with writing game logic using Blueprint? Me for one, I like building specified functionality like a simple grabbing system by creating a C++ Class and just writing the code myself. Maybe its more so a clarity thing or just a customization thing?

Not so sure, but I have not used Blueprints enough to make that call myself. Blueprints sure does make the process of overall level design easy, but I always think custom C++ Programming does the trick! There’s nothing better than seeing the code right in front of you and making writing your own functions rather it be a void, an integer return or a boolen return or whatever. But it is customized for those who may have just basic knowledge in C++. Regardless of design knowledge, you’ll still need to know some basics about C++ programming and game logic to use the engine to make a small level yourself.

I love Unreal obviously and it really excited me when they updated their licensing terms. It shows that Epic Games cares about creation and the nature of opportunity for developers abroad. Read the key features about Unreal Engine 5 today and grasp upon the excitement that not only developers have, but for the consumer as well!


Photo: Epic Games