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Building a Great Future for Great Business and Lifestyle

Meeting Ryan actually happened by chance when I met him at the gym and talked to him about how he was still managing to come to the gym in crutches with an Achilles Tendon injury and how it is inspiring to see the no quit attitude. The conversation ended up with me asking him about what he does and it hit me that he was working on building a business around his bodybuilding career as Ryan wants to help people become better. I loved that! I told Ryan what I do on how I help other businesses and individuals meet their goals online and it was immediately hooked that a startup website was inevitable.

To give you a background about Ryan. Ryan Weber is a IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Professional and is a 3X IFBB Pro Masters Champion, Competitor, Firefighter, Real Estate Agent and Lifestyle coach located in Cleveland, Ohio. Ryan’s 35 years of experience is very essential for his clients and the results of his clients are not just visually outstanding, but if you talk to these people, you can see empowerment and great confidence within themselves. Ryan has smarts in Real Estate as well and does extremely well with Real Estate Sales. The discipline in this gentleman is unbelievable and inspires many in the community. 

After getting hosting resolved, Ryan and I setup a time to discuss goals, plans, design and functionality for his new website and we started his goals in the next five years and how I can help him achieve his goals.  We got a design approved and I got right to work. I did the build with my local build process and got something ready for Ryan to view and with approvals and some changes, I moved it to the live server. 

The base design to startup was a base template with testimonials, blog posts, vlogging and outsource links to his books and programs and it was supplemented with an About Me page, a Resources page looking at his many programs and books to read to empower yourself and improve your confidence and overall lifestyle. 

Getting content together was the toughest challenge as competition is high in fitness and because every word that is written by Ryan in the site is from the brain and heart from his About Me Page and Resources which included Email Marketing Sources. Once we had it all setup, the launch was very smooth and we promoted the site to a very well reception. Ryan has more opportunities to get more clients and sell his programs online to build this business!

Huge Changes in My Life

About a few months after the public launch of the website, I had been having some problems with me gaining weight from upping my calories in a new program and it caused too much weight gain where I went to Ryan and he was right there and had my back. I made a tough call by leaving the programs that I was taking as I was enjoying the diet and was scared of getting to a more strict diet as I have very few hours to cook with my dedicated time for my own clients. I bridged out and finished up what I was doing before meeting Ryan at a Starbucks right around the corner from the gym to discuss my transition.

One of my favorite things about Ryan and the value he provides for his clients is that he does not just focus on your physique and diet, he looks at your well being and reads the next best challenge you are going to face and how he can help you. Before, I have had mind exercises with Ryan about confidence issues I have had and my mind slightly changed. This one time, he really woke me up about my current state of mind and it has helped me turn somethings around personally and professionally. Once we left off from there, I finished up my last few days on my old diet.  We discussed how my diet was changing and Ryan even gave me the flexibility to continue my training on how I have been doing it the past year and a half. 

I came in the next Monday ready to go and Ryan had sent me a custom diet. Man, was it strict until he told me what his diet was like when he was getting ready for competitions. I had to some of my favorite foods and I have been eating clean since. With me having to cook a few days, the many things I am doing differently, my discipline and overall productivity as a business owner and professional has massively improved. Not to mention, I lost the weight that I gained back and all of it being body fat. I feel stronger and am hitting higher weights than I did before. We are going to make adjustments soon, but I know already in four weeks, there has been massively great changes in my productivity and overall look. It has been hard, but it has been worth it. 

Why I am writing about this, it is simply because Ryan has been changing my life big time! Already in one month, there is improvements in my life and I feel the same way as Ryan and his clients, I want to help people and improve their lives and I have had some people approach me about fat loss and muscle gain advice and I feel happy to help other people empower themselves. Its a domino-effect of positivism that Ryan provides with his advice and training. I truly thing Ryan will make a difference with what he is doing and I am glad that it is changing my life as well! 

Huge Plans For The Future

What we are currently working on now is that we are supplementing the current website and making some minor design changes to make it more complimentary for Ryan’s clients (myself included.) We are adding his Alpha Programs and currently making plans for more websites in the future to supplement his website and businesses. I have already concepted a few layouts for his new website and the other things we have planned for the future. 

Fitness, Real Estate and Lifestyle Coaching is extremely difficult to get into if you want to have a successful business. With the things I have been seeing that Ryan has been doing, I see no problem for Ryan being a successful business owner and living his dreams in the next couple of years and it is my privilege to not only write about what this man does for other people, but about the opportunity to work for him and with him for an exciting future for his business. Check out some of my work for the site today and see Ryan’s website today and how he can help you change your lifestyle and help you be a better you!



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