PSS Recruiting Website ReLaunch

PSS Recruiting Website ReLaunch

by | May 15, 2020 | Client Features, Website Launches, Work | 0 comments

A Nationwide Size of Business

I met the owners of PSS Recruiting, a full service full-time hire Recruiting agency based in Willoughby, Ohio for the new website when we found technological challenges on the current website. We had found the site had malicious code behind the scenes that had been lurking for a long time before I had the chance to look into the site and it was beyond fixing without the price of a new, modern and fresh website. This is when we got started with quick action on starting a new website. We needed not a completed one,  but one where we can add-on pages and key features as well as an expansive blog. The challenge here is getting things done quickly with quality work adherence just like 7Inks Tattoo Collective! I got right to researching the market, it is another challenge because this business runs on a Nationwide Scale so I need to have top-notch web design added to this site. 

The difference here is that the focus is on higher scale positioning, finding executives, managers, experienced individuals and much more for many businesses across the country. Its not temporary staffing, it is a full-time job and career for those with credible experience. 

I got to designing and believe me, it was a lot of designing! I had probably over 15 scraps including layout scraps on paper all around my office. I looked like the true mad scientist while designing this website. I needed something that sticks out on a nationwide scale because it is a huge mass competition out there. The recruiting business is absolutely competitive and they need an edge. When I go into their office though, the branding is there, their cards are flashy and I loved the color scheme. This helped me design a concept that would go through immediate approval later on and I got right to work.

Because of the massive need of time sensitivity here, I had a couple late nights setting up this website because it needed to be live as soon as possible. That being said, it was done within days. However, the process is like the prophecy and the truth, we still needed to go through it so we did not get it launched for a week because we needed to do our final things tinkering around and updating. I also needed to go through my pre-launching ritual of tracking additions and much more. Also needed to add a California Guidance page because of California Law. Once we got to launching, we had little to no changes, but we will be adding on more pages and blog posts for the future.

This client is on my All-In-One system where they get continual updates and have basically a continual website build. I think we did great with the short period of time we had. What do you think? Check out PSS Recruiting today!