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Jeep Swap Shop was a site before I even got into Developing anything. Maintained and owned by Bryan Hamilton, the site made money with people posting ads of their items they wish to barter for, trade or sell online. Originally launched in 2008, the site saw many successes with revenue streaming from the website with individual products by categories being featured by the website by paid advertisements and as well as online digital advertisements. The site was well known on the web from 2008 throughout to 2013 when Mobile Phones and Mobile Sites became highly important to design. 

The Goal

A Website Restoration From Scratch

Before I got involved with Jeep Swap Shop, the site was down for a long time due to the site’s inability to gain more traffic and make money thus the site was shut down. When I met Bryan, it was clear that the goal was to restore the site and have it fit on all devices with a nice design. Bring back and deliver a community higher than before.

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The Action Taken

Bryan approached me when he heard I designed and developed websites and we discussed the design, needs and overall goal of the website. I took several steps back and even did some designing on Christmas Day to make things right. It took weeks to make this right including the wireframe and roadmap of the website. Once presented, it was clearly approved and I got to work on it. The build was done by the end of the month with me writing custom functions with PHP using WordPress to have many features including the ability to create an account, look for Jeep or parts ads and either buy or trade online, make friends and even go to events where Jeep Swap Shop is sponsored. It basically was an entire community, just with a jeep mindset. I built the site out in the manner of a month and was immediately approved for launch with little changes in late January 2019.

To Conclude

With it being the second time helping out family building something online, this was a fun project that has been extremely rewarding. The design was very well received, speeds were fast and best search engine practices were followed and well received. The best experience was building out a lot of custom functionalities for the website and seeing the end result with users creating accounts and communicating on the website. The biggest challenges was most definitely writing the many functions I wrote within the block of three weeks and of course, getting that approval of the design and wire framing as it was a huge and ambitious project.

Bryan now has me edit content here and there and has my help at anytime with working with me on my Website Maintenance and Growth Plans allowing Marketing revolved around the overall brand and website, website troubleshooting and hosting services.

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