Managing Jeep Swap Shop

Managing Jeep Swap Shop

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Client Features, Work | 0 comments

A Website Needing Constant Updates

Jeep Swap Shop is my cousin’s website that I rebuilt last year. The website actually started in 2008 and made great revenue in digital advertisements and sponsorships of community members. The website was a little off the rails in 2013 and needed to shutdown due to lack of community members and lack of updates in the design and technological aspect of it. 

I knew going into development of the website, this would be a challenge for me, but I knew I could handle it. Therefore I built a system in WordPress and PHP that is custom and made to last for years to come. When I built it, I wrote it in PHP 7 code and launched it with PHP 7.2 code behind the scenes because of the severe importance when you make communities like these online. 

You have to manage not only the code but adhering rules and guidelines in the community, banning IP Addresses and more security measures for the protection of the users. With me updating the website constantly behind the scenes, the many users of the community can rest safe. 

This is a short post, but just discussing the importance of continual updates to sites like these and why it is so expensive to keep up. Its kind of like an app and apps cost money big time. This is because of the security and privacy and policies that keeps things afloat and secure. We now have a community of 120 members and people are still posting to date on Jeep Swap Shop. The Facebook page is being well managed and growth in revenue is continuing. 

To keep this updated, I actually do a weekly code update adhering to latest PHP standards and JavaScript standards. We just recently upgraded servers, firewalls, malware protection and PHP to 7.4 to adhere to recent security measures. 

Jeep Swap Shop is an online community for many Jeep Owners online where you can barter, sell and buy parts online from other members. Join today if interested!