Loki’s Learning Curve Launch

Loki’s Learning Curve Launch

by | Feb 12, 2021 | Client Features, Website Launches | 0 comments

Celebrating Another Successful Launch

The Loki’s Learning Curve website was built for wonderful capabilities for online learning for your child in the future. This website offers classes for stranger danger right now and with its automated system, you can sign your child up for these classes. More was done so that if there is more than just one class being taught, and more classes to offer valuable information for your child to learn faster and more efficiently, providing promising results in their journey in their education as they grow up.

The site came with a unique font-set, multiple animations, background shaping to give this education website design a strong message to sign your child up and get them excited about learning. The website came with forms, a blogging system and a class portal system.

This time around, I actually switched hosting servers to expand usage and see what would work better for my clients, this being said, I was very satisfied with WP Engine’s power enhancing speeds on the server side. This way, I was able to make a very nice looking website, but also one that works and is perfectly efficient for the owner and the customer.