FitEnomics Website Launch

FitEnomics Website Launch

by | Feb 20, 2021 | Client Features, Website Launches | 0 comments

Celebrating a Successful Launch

It is with great excitement that I announce this long-time coming website! The FitEnomics website is now live! This website was in development for a full year with so many capabilities for you to start your fitness journey. Created by Owner & Expert & 3X ifbb Champion, Ryan Weber, FitEnomics has a more intelligent approach to the model of how someone’s fitness journey should start and go. 

The website was architected to specifically keep consumers to have multiple fitness programs in one membership-based subscription that helps them along their fitness and nutritional journey. This can cover fat loss, muscle mass gains and general bodybuilding and overall wellness. This website is made for anyone who wants to design their journey step-by-step and have as much value as possible. 

This website came with content-blocking capabilities, members-only content, monthly invoicing, monthly credit card transactions or yearly, course, course tracker, course custom post type creations, program design infrastructure, blogging, animations, landing pages designed for sales and much more. Im very proud of this build as fitness websites do not give you such a straightforward approach like FitEnomics.  

This time around, I actually switched hosting servers to expand usage and see what would work better for my clients, this being said, I was very satisfied with WP Engine’s power enhancing speeds on the server side. This way, I was able to make a very nice looking website, but also one that works and is perfectly efficient for the owner and the customer.