Changing my Dietary Habits & Losing More Fat

Changing my Dietary Habits & Losing More Fat

by | Mar 8, 2020 | Nutrition | 0 comments

A Unexpected Change Needed to Happen in My Diet

I was actually on a very good path with a new diet in mind from mid 2018 to late 2019 and was absolutely crushing my goals in gains and fat loss. I actually lost 63 pounds of body fat and was doing extremely well with my overall health and mindset going forward. With be on an Aggressive Fat Loss approach for over a year and finally hitting goals I did not think I was going to hit excited me. However, it was time to elevate my diet and get stronger and gain a little more muscle while losing fat. With this being said, I needed to go on a moderate cut for my size and needed to up my calories from the Aggro cut to a Moderate one going up by 400 calories a day and 800 more on my refeeds. This did not go well with my body and it actually countered my goals and I was up 23 pounds. 

Now I know that my body would have re-regulated over time because the diet I was on was an If It Fits approach where you could eat anything and still lose fat. However, this was not working for me. I had learned that these types of diets works for specific people in a fast and quick way and thats what I want while enjoying the journey, but I was not hitting my goals. That is where reality hit me very hard in the face. I broke down and I could not hold it, I found out my body type was not in it and the time it was going to take to re-regulate was going to be half a year just to get back to my final state when I just finished my Aggressive Cutting. This is when I found out this diet works out for those who are Mesomorphic and not one for me who is different. That is when I reached out to my dear friend and client, Ryan Weber, and I started out with one of his plans, but specific to my goals and journey. We met and discussed many changes I need to make and it was starting with how I go about things and how I think. 

This jump was a discomfort, I had to believe in a process I did not agree with at first. I was so concerned about my timing and scheduling and believe me, at first I was so out of balance and it was hard on me. I missed my Chipotle outings every other day and I highly disliked throwing cheese out of the window for the time being. I had to realize that I needed to eat a little bit cleaner and needed to change some movements in my workouts to elevate my goals. Ryan helped me throughout my mental challenges and I elevated over time. I had to cut out going out for dinner, changing my refeed to cheat meals and snacks once a week for each and even stopped counting my calories as Ryan had given me a set diet plan for my journey. 

Over the first couple of months I have made several changes with Ryan and we found a consistent plan that helps me along the way. I took supplements I never heard of and drank the most water I have ever had in my life. It has changed my jawline, my weight and my look. For the first time since, High School, I can feel my hip bones but with muscle surrounding it so something might be working out for me. 

It was not easy over the months because I despised meal prepping and being in a bubble where millions of other people have to do this because they are not as lucky either. The diet plan I was on before works for those who are Mesomorphic in terms of hitting goals in a short period of time, but in the midst of my timing, I found out I am a healthy mix of being Mesomorphic and Endomorphic. I am a healthy mix because I am slowly merging to be Mesomorphic completely. But this is because I have a healthy balance of what I am putting into my body. You are what you eat and over time, it is going to catch up to genetics or not. Your genetics can change over time.

Changing Myself for Good 

I have new morning and Sunday routines, but these are healthy and productive ones. It really gets your mind clear. My mental health is even more healthier and I am starting to feel that same excitement and confidence I had felt when I lost all that weight at first. I have lost the weight I quickly gained and I know it is not going to come back for awhile should I ever stop. My thoughts are different and the way I go about things are more different, I am more focused and confident in myself and my abilities. I feel like I offer more to this world now.

This all sounds exciting and intimidating, but after awhile I got seriously used to the diet. Because after awhile, I realized it was not that bad, I was still eating my favorite foods,  but at a healthier balance. I discovered foods that I like that happen to be healthy veggies that I think anybody would enjoy over time. I can eat Steak, Salmon, Fish, Turkey, Chicken and 93% Lean Beef or up. I enjoy it very much! In fact, I even love my morning detox beverage that I used to hack from in the beginning! Its not as bad when you put in the time and look at the results over time and it is very refreshing when you have someone who has your back and tells you the truth instead of posting in forums looking for answers from people who may not be qualified to be answering those specific types of questions. 

I made a change in my life, I made sacrifices and it empowered me, it in fact helped me grow my businesses and made me more creative when I write code and create things that some people might not be able to see yet. That is all thanks to Ryan Weber and to the incredible path he has put me in! If you want something life changing, you need to go to Ryan’s website and get to purchasing one of his programming and potentially joining his highly insightful Alpha Intelligence Program that provides more education and insights for your knowledge base on where you stand and what path you need to take in!

I also learned a lot about myself and my body, genetic history and the impact of how my changes will help me deliver a healthy family should I have children with my fiance which excites me and makes me more passionate in helping other ascend for themselves. I learned that my change to being in a Mesomorphic genetic trait over hard work and time, I am going to look great to the end of my days and my children should I have any, will look naturally great because it goes down the tree. There is always hope on breaking the Endomorphic trait and that honestly goes into healthy dieting, taking the right supplements and exercising and challenging your body and soul to change for the better.

This also motivates me to push Ryan to the tip top even more because I cannot believe how much my body and my soul has changed over this short period of time! It is truly a miracle and I would not have it any other way! This makes me want to help other people struggling with their weight and how they look and feel about themselves too!

If you are ready for a change, I would recommend visiting Ryan’s website and buying one of his programs and reaching out to him or reach out to me for advice should you not have a budget and I can see what I can do to help you. You can also follow Ryan’s page should you not have a budget as well, he is always posting positive vibes and great advice on his page and he is very smart. I recommend all the way if you are wanting a change!