About Me

A Brief, Professional Overview

Most people know me as the “Web Designer” which can be true, but there is more on the table than just that. I design & develop Websites and Apps from scratch that not only help brands on the web, but also provide many solutions for individuals, businesses and corporations across the United States.  Websites, web, desktop, mobile applications and games are my specialties and have been for almost ten years! I also enjoy bodybuilding/fitness and gaming. I embrace only the best steps for businesses and the general consumer all alike when in projects.  I make the Development Process for businesses as fun and seamless as I can.

Humble Beginnings, Student Life

I wrote my first line of code when I was 15 years old as a freshman in high school, and had an avid interest on how websites, apps, and games were created throughout my high school career. I had no direct path towards life, and was not entirely the best student starting out. I was also horrible at math! I found a program at Auburn Career Center in Concord, Ohio that would entirely change my life and career path. Upon graduating high school, I continued my education with Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, and Kent State University with graduation in early 2019. During college I worked very hard on building a clientele to show more value in employment. And for three years, I worked a few jobs just to hold things together until I would get a shot in 2016.

Getting Started

In 2016, I got a shot to work at an agency just east of Downtown Cleveland with me just showing some of the websites I did in the past for a few of my clients. In my 1 1/2 year tenure at this agency, I, alone, was in charge of over 50 websites and was the mastermind behind 15 websites during my tenure for the company. I also happened to launch two websites of my own, and grew some more clientele. I also completed on of my associates degree over at Cuyahoga Community College during this time. I also dealt with all of the company’s hosting solutions & did some custom designs during my time with the company.

Career Growth

I left my position at this marketing agency in early 2018 to start a position at a publishing company. I had the privilege to solely manage, design and develop 20+ publication related websites, and learned Docker & Containerized Development while I was with the company. During this time, I earned my 2nd associates degree and also grew my clientele greatly, while also gaining many other partnerships across town. With me being the sole Web Designer, Developer, and Hosting Solutions Expert at two respected companies in town, and with the education done, I was ready to do even more and started working on game & app development. My tenure with this company finished in early 2019.

Decisions, Decisions

In 2019, I made the move to a very well respected marketing company located on the east side of Cleveland, and had a short tenure there, before the main key reason as to why I am working hard to branch out on my own to help businesses. But I will get to that later. I was then hired at a company located just east of Downtown Cleveland to handle their Incentive Program websites, custom applications, as well as game development for these incentive programs. Very exciting as making games is my goal in life!

The Main Key 

While I was in between positions, I had a lot of fun doing my own projects for clients of my own and with business partners in the surrounding areas. I developed a couple of games, learned some more technology and started new projects that would be launched later in the summer. I found passion and I found something in life that I got really excited about. Freelancing and creating cutting edge apps and games is my passion and it is what I love as a professional. I could sleep and build, I love it so much. The main key is to develop the best websites, apps and games that come straight from my heart and brain cells that confide the creativity and best practice approach that I have been following the past few years. I also loved taking the time to go out and meet with my clients on times they were more available to speak which was very liberating. It gave me more opportunity to solve more problems and be more effective for them. This being said, the main key is to get myself on my own and grow my businesses and build at least a couple of games and apps that solve real problems and that are absolutely entertaining. 

Gaming & Fitness

I also will be avidly blogging about what I call my “Odyssey” into being healthier. I learned effective strategies to lose weight and maintain muscle and I can provide at least my experience at that. I am no guru or no fitness industry person, I am just a person who has an interest so do not take all of my word in your routine or diet. I also am an avid Gamer with the interest in making games and streaming them. I also play music and got friends, family, a wonderful girlfriend, pets and a wonderful home to come to in my normal day life. I have always wanted to blog, just never had time to get to it. With this new site, I am very excited for the content I will be writing as it is organic and comes straight from the noggin and heart. 


What I’m Currently Doing

Growth & Strategy

Currently, my focus is to continue helping people grow their business and achieve a good look online as well as a Game & App that I have been designing and developing. 

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